The Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office has long been a strong supporter of crime prevention in the local communities. Crime Prevention improves the quality of life for every citizen in every community. 

A crime prevention specialist is trained in crime prevention practices and procedures and takes advantage of every opportunity to speak on a variety of topics. Presentations are available for home, church, business, civic organizations; as well as students of all ages.   

When one thinks of Crime Prevention, the first thing that may come to mind is the "Neighborhood" or "Community" Watch program. This is a resource, which enables neighborhoods to come closer together with each other and with the Sheriff’s Office. With Neighborhood Watch, residents take some responsibility for their neighborhoods. It lets others know that crime will not be tolerated as it builds a stronger relationship with law enforcement. 

Once a "Community" or "Neighborhood" Watch is established, representatives from the Rockingham County Sheriff's Office will come to your regularly scheduled meetings to give you Crime Prevention tips and let you know what kinds of criminal activity is being reported in and around your group's area.   

Sgt. Kevin Suthard is our Crime Prevention Specialist and is readily available to assist you in starting up one of these Watch in your area by calling 336-634-3066.