The Civil Process Division of the Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for the service of civil papers in Rockingham County.  These Deputies execute civil orders including summons, notices, writs, executions, etc.  

North Carolina Law of Civil Procedure dictates how these civil processes are to be served in this state. .The Civil Office is responsible for serving civil processes throughout the 565 square miles of Rockingham County, North Carolina, including the cities of Reidsville, Eden, Madison, Mayodan and Stoneville, as well as the Town of Wentworth. Unlike other Divisions, this section serves the entire population of approximately 93,000 in Rockingham County. 

The fees for civil papers, which include civil summons, subpoenas, summary ejectments, writs for personal and real property etc., are $30.00. If there is more than one defendant, it is $30.00 per defendant. Out of state fees are $50.00 per defendant (no personal check accepted). There is no fee charged for the service of criminal papers such as warrants, orders for arrest, or civil orders for arrest. 

The phone number for the Civil Division of the Sheriff’s Office is 336-634-3234. Lt. Maggie Barker is the direct supervisor of the Civil Process Division. She can be contacted at 336-394-0072.  



The Records Division is responsible for receiving, processing and maintaining incident reports, providing information to the departmental personnel, other law enforcement agencies, and to the general public when requested. Staff also handles the issuance of purchase and concealed weapons permits and maintains the county’s sex offender registry. The records process stores current domestic violence orders and provides information from these orders to officers of the Sheriff’s office and other agencies when necessary. 

The Records Division is open Monday – Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM and may be reached at 336-634-3235 or 634-3234. There is a $0.08 per page fee for all public records copies (cash only). Sgt. Kevin Suthard is the direct supervisor of the Records Divisions. He can be contacted at 336-634-3065.